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Testimonials / Reviews

Shayna B. - June 2021 (link)

Farriba was an amazing instructor and I am very happy with the lessons I had. She was patient and friendly and taught me the skills to pass my driving test as well as the skills of driving beyond the test. I learned a lot from her. I definitely reccomend Union Driving School to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. I will miss working with Farriba!

Sofija D.   - April 2021 (link)

I had an amazing experience with this school! Fibi is the best teacher, so professional and patient. I have never driven before, so my class with Fibi was the first one I had. After that one I was already feeling safe and more confident on the road. Thank you for the great and smooth experience!

Lielle L.    - May 2021 (link)

I had fariba as my instructor. She is so amazing and has such a good heart. Fariba made me a confident and great driver and I improved so much because of her. I recommend fariba because she is amazing and cares for everyone. I will miss her very much because we had a great bond and relationship. because of her I passed my test first try! I 100% recommend union driving school!

Past Reviews:

kass the bass!
Posted on 06/01/09 
They're the best in the business. I just neede to get 2 lessons and I got my DL very easy. My Instructor was a very patient and friendly. He was male. He took me to Freeways and canyons and worked on every aspect I needed to know about driving.I highly recommend this school to anyone! 

A Yahoo! Local user
Posted on 06/09/06 
Union Driving School is the only driving school I went to and it turns out it was all I needed.  My instructor was very thorough and very patient. It took just 2 lessons! They are very flexible with scheduling, and they take care of scheduling your driving test for you. I would recommend this driving school to anyone! 

Posted on 06/21/05 
i've have 2 driving schools before i applied for union. im kinda picky when it comes to instructors and im glad a friend of mine referred me to this driving school. my instructor is a lady. she's strict but i did learned a lot and fast. i just did 2 lessons and off i go and get my exam right away! guess what, it turned out that i just took the actual exam 1 time! she did schedule me for my exam at dmv, and everything went on smoothly. i rated this driving school 5 star coz it works for me and i know it'll work for you too! 

Provided by YP.com Posted by sadat on 02/16/2012 
I am deaf and i tried to get my drivers license from age 16 and it never happen until i was 21 years old and one day i tried to call driving schools with layaway system and no school wanted to give me the service i was writing my question and the other person was talking to different school and no one wants to even talk to me until i called union and i didn't have any hope to finish this problem but the they said they will do it and one day a lady came and she was writing everything for me do and not to do and the day after i went for the test and even examiners were afraid to take me for the test!!!! but i went i pass and now i am driving .i just thought i have to mention people who are helpful and caring and help one another .I was so happy with this school they are good. 

Provided by YP.com Posted by kat_kardash on 08/24/2010 
They are the best.
At first i had lesson with some other school and the instructor was not patient ,so i switched to union ,they are on time and they know what they do .It was not about the license she was working with me to know how to drive safe and that is the point .I am really satisfied and also i got my license at first time ,they are professional and caring .